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The Intern Diet: Diet Coke and M&Ms

September 18, 2018

Leading up to my anxiously awaited summer as L&P’s newest intern, I imagined my future post-internship self. I would be well-versed in all things professional—boasting Excel shortcuts and slinging fancy marketing terms left and right, my resume emblazoned with the proud badge of “Intern.” As a Psychology and Creative Writing major, I felt wholly unprepared…


The Intern Diet: La Croix and Chickpeas

August 15, 2018

If I could use one word to describe L&P Marketing, it would be bold. From their strategies and ideas to their everyday conversations, the individuals in this office push the envelope to create something completely unique. These women and this place are truly the definitions of BOLD.   Most intern experiences you read or hear…


The Intern Diet: Breakfast Tacos and Nespresso Pods

July 30, 2018

I chose the strategic communications field because it means being an advocate for others and helping them succeed in their business endeavors. To me, this is meaningful and worthwhile, and after just one day of interning at L&P Marketing, I knew I was at an agency that shared the same values. Immediately, I recognized L&P…


The Intern Diet: Fizzy Bubbles and Chocolate

June 29, 2018

When you walk into L&P, the first thing you’ll see is a smiling face. The wide range of personalities collide to make the office a fun yet focused environment you’ll quickly feel a part of. Every personality you need is right there. You’ll never experience a mediocre job by L&P. They go above and beyond…

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