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January 13, 2016

Crafting an Identity for NorthGrove at Spring Creek

Signage (n):

  1. graphic designs, as symbols, emblems, or words, used especially for identification or as a means of giving directions or warning.

The importance of signage is often overlooked. Your branding is not just a logo, but the overall experience you portray to your buyer or target market.

We’re excited to introduce our latest signage project that perfectly aligns established branding to the experience onsite.  NorthGrove at SpringCreek’s  personality has now come to life with this new signage for the new year!

58586 (2)One of the most rewarding aspects of our job is to take a brand from scratch and see it come to life. Displaying a communities brand in their first stages of “life” is crucial to developing the overall experience and to portray a vision of what is to come.


Construction may still be underway, but bright colors and natural elements are dispersed through out the community through their newly installed signage. 58544

Not only will NorthGrove’s new signage stand out from the rest, but also help visitors and prospects remember their name, simply from their unique branding. We can’t wait to see what’s to come for this community.

January 08, 2016

The “Fun & Done” of a Client Cinematic Story

Lights, camera, ACTION! L&P has produced some phenomenal videos for our clients. Check out our latest video project for our client, Santa Rita Ranch, below.

L&P was privileged to work on bringing our client’s master-planned community to life. During this two-day photo & video shoot, we captured a full day of what life is all about at Santa Rita Ranch- dawn til dusk.

From one of the most stunning sunrises, to the beautiful sunset that paints the Hill Country, this video truly captures the soul of this community.

See our full video below:

January 07, 2016

New year, new perspective

A New Year brings new perspective.  It’s always great to sight-see and today, without taking a train or plane, I was very fortunate to join a group of ULI (Urban Land Institute) members on a tour of three of Houston’s contenders for the prestigious ULI Houston 2016 Development of Distinction Awards.

1st Stop – Navigation Esplanade

The esplanade is an urban, public gathering space.  Mixing Latin heritage of the East Houston neighborhood with Texas attitude, it’s an awesome project and makes me proud to call H-Town home.

esplanade 3

Monument sign created to look like papel picado.

esplanade 2

Bicycle rack – who would have known?

2nd Stop – Heights Clock Tower

A family-owned and operated gem from the late 1900’s is still enjoying a vibrant life as a live work-space and home to Kraftsman bakery!  It smells delicious too!

clock tower

The clock has to be wound by hand every ten days. Perfection.

3rd stop – JW Marriott Houston Downtown

Who would have ever known this gorgeous boardroom existed outside of Hogwarts?  Best treat of the day!

board room

board rm 2

The Carter Boardroom

windows board room

The House of Griffindor for sure!