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November 10, 2016

Charting a new course for amenities? How about education.

Twice a year, I am inspired by something I learn at our council meeting at Urban Land Institute (ULI). This year, it was a presentation on charter schools, a topic I admit not being very interested in, at first.

council meeting at Urban Land Institute

But, thankfully, I was wrong in my original assumption. Charter schools can and are some of the most desirable amenities a land developer can have in a community. And, with the help of a good education planner, they can be extremely successful in attracting children and creating deep community bonds. Christy Noe, Ph.D with Collaborative Educational Network provides consulting for developers to identify the needs and opportunities for charter schools in their communities. She advises on how to organize, achieve state and federal funding and on how to sustain them so they are an ongoing, vital part of the community.

Debra Dremann, an amazing woman and developer with LEAP Development Group, as well as education collaborator with Christy Noe, helped initiate the first Babcock Ranch Neighborhood Charter School during her tenure at Kitson & Partners. In short order, she and Christy worked together on what will soon be an exemplary new school. Education is one of the most important needs we have, right up there with food, water and shelter. Knowing that starting a charter school can be done in a master planned community setting, and in certain circumstances without developer funding or minimal initial developer funding support when sufficient student capacity exists, is making the grade.

Babcock Ranch Neighborhood Charter School

Babcock Ranch Neighborhood Charter School