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December 15, 2016

A Pop of Christmas Spirit!

We love the Holidays and we love clients that bring seasonal projects! This year, L&P Marketing was commissioned to create an impressionable Christmas card design for Ruthie Porterfield, one of HTown’s top producing real estate agents. Our answer was a resounding POP!

Modeled after the English’s original pop up cards and books, each panel of the cube highlights a special moment of the family’s year in 2016, even their furry loved ones had a space of their own.

ruthie porterfield

Sealed and delivered just in time….Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from L&P!



December 14, 2016

A Picture worth a 1,000 Words

The suspense is over! Recently, we revealed L&P behind the scenes for our client, Woodson’s Reserve, photo shoot and we now we have sneak peek of the lifestyle photos for you. The two day photo shoot was taken during the month of November and a couple of the scenes were taken of the beautiful resort-style pool, lazy river with island, and lap pool. We must say, that we are so grateful for the endless summer weather that Texas provides us or else we wouldn’t have been able to take those shots and bring the vision to life!

There is no shortage of natural beauty and with an abundance of amenities. Needless to say, with 4.7 acres of wide open spaces, a 9,000-sq.-ft. amenity center, 24-hour fitness center, resort-style pool and lazy river, and community lawn-there is always a moment to be captured.

Here is a sneak peek of the Woodson’s Reserve photo shoot below:

December 13, 2016

A Storytelling Marketing Trail at Easton Park

When entering a community, signage can do much more than just point you in the right direction. It can tell a story, emphasize your branding, and set the tone for the journey.

Easton Park

We’re proud to showcase our award-winning signage project in Easton Park, a millennial-focused master-planned community in Austin.

Easton Park

The marketing trail signage is an extension of the brand we’ve established for Easton Park – fun, relevant to our target market and intentional. From the uniquely shaped metal storytelling signage with playful messaging, the model home cut-out directional signage, to the flag metal banner signage, the entire marketing trail was concepted and executed to be a direct reflection of the Easton Park brand.

Easton Park

Easton Park

We’re telling the story of Easton Park immediately as the customer enters. By the time, they arrive at the Experience Park welcome center and model row, they understand the community brand and what makes it different from the typical master-planned community.

Easton Park

We can’t wait to continue this signage trend in the next phase of development!

Easton Park

December 07, 2016

A man, a plan, a canal: Panama

Well, Kissing Tree is no palindrome, but there was a man, a plan and almost a canal and it’s definitely in Texas. It seems that most great things come in time, require vision, planning and patience. Such is the case with Kissing Tree in San Marcos. Purchased by Brookfield Residential some 12 years ago in the charming, small town of San Marcos, it was used for bird hunts, retreats and picnics for most of the 12 years.

Then, along came a man – well, actually, quite a few men, with vision. They decided to create an active adult community like no other; a planned community for the sole purpose of having fun. A place where people could play golf, pickle ball, hike, swim, bike, and enjoy a craft beer overlooking the Hill Country sunsets in their own Biergarten.

And, that vision has arrived. With the opening of 8 model homes and a temporary sales and design center, a gorgeous golf cart bridge over CenterPoint Road that connects front and back nine, the very beginning of Kissing Tree is here. (The bridge is a major accomplishment – not quite the Panama canal, but it did involve quite a bit of earth moving.)

For 24 months, we strategized, branded, planned and executed on the vision that Brookfield had.

1,500 people came to see. The experience was enjoyed by all.


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