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January 18, 2017

Seeing Gold in Orlando!

Inspiring community tours, a trip through Diagon Alley, and Gold Honors for best community signage. L&P was seeing gold in Orlando last week during a trip to attend The Nationals Sales & Marketing Awards!

Day 1: Lake Nona, Celebration, Baldwin Park…and Harry Potter

We started our trip touring three communities around Orlando. All unique in product type, branding and experience. We were introduced to the new golden age of home technology, WHIT (wellness, home, innovation, technology), in Lake Nona. We also toured an amazing mix of home product and landscape design in Celebration and Baldwin Park.

The WHIT home pairs with Amazon’s Alexa and GE’s smart kitchen for the ultimate “smart house” experience.

It was then on to Harry Potter World, where we earned our gold “stripes” as members of House Gryffindor, had our taste of butterbeer and took a loan from the goblins at Gringotts. Of course, keeping our distance from the dragon protecting the gold!

Harry Potter World
Butterbeer and Gringotts in Diagon Alley!

Day 2: The Nationals

We were honored, in partnership with Brookfield Residential Texas, to receive Silver Award Honors for 7 categories for the Nationals, recognizing achievement in marketing and creative by the National Home Builders Association. We received a Gold Award for Best Signage for Easton Park!

The Nationals
Team L&P and Brookfield Residential posing with our new hardware!



See what the Digital Journal had to say about L&P’s Nationals recognition!  

January 10, 2017

Santa Rita Ranch, and its beloved Ranch Mascot, Happy, inspires us to get outside and learn from the land.

Nestled within Texas’ acclaimed Hill Country lies Santa Rita Ranch—a unique master planned community built on old fashion family values and a deep passion for learning from the land.

With the birth of a new calf born on November 23, 2016, Ranch Mascot Happy delivered a precious calf named Psalty. (The P is silent). Weighing in at 63 lbs. her new bundle of joy was up and about in no time.

Meet Psalty


At Santa Rita Ranch, both residents and developers make it a priority to learn from the land every chance they get, especially when it comes to their beloved Ranch Mascot, Happy the Cow!  “One of the most unique things about Santa Rita Ranch is the opportunity for our residents to live in close proximity to our growing cow family who generate new life experience and teach valuable lessons from the land.” says Marketing Director, Regina Spurlock.


We love all the unique and inspiring elements our client, Santa Rita Ranch, continues to offer.

Santa Rita Ranch Mascot