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July 26, 2017

L&P Takes Valuable Lessons From The Dallas Cowboys

This past weekend, L&P had the opportunity to experience excellent placemaking and marketing with the Dallas Cowboys by taking a tour of their training headquarters, The Star, in Frisco, TX. Here, corporate campus meets training facility, entertainment venue and retail to create a mixed use environment that is vibrant and energizing.

The Star is the ultimate placemaking example as The Dallas Cowboys franchise has merged their corporate office and training facility into a destination of architecture, information, technology, and design. It’s fun, interactive and inspirational. And, they are charging $40/ pp and offer tours every hour on the hour! Cha-ching!!

The Cowboys phenomenon tightens their community with a unique bond which was vividly portrayed throughout The Star. It takes all the excitement and pride of a true Cowboys fan and places it in one central location for fans to feel intimately connected and inspired.

Here’s a look at our highlight reel.

The entrance: “We must win, we will win, win is the name of the game” by Jerry Jones.

The star logo is dominant throughout. Simplicity underscores their values as a team and a corporation.

The quotes along the walls and trophy cases emphasize their value character and wins (of course).

Inspiration: “We need to win with class, and we need to win in a way that Dallas Cowboys fans are proud not only of the team but of everyone associated with the team” –Jerry Jones
The War Room is where they make their draft picks each year. The technology in this room would make Bill Gates proud.
The light art piece by Leo Villareal in the foyer of the corporate office adds sophistication to the already impressive architecture.
Inspired by these two guys, we are reading about Tom Landry and Jerry Jones. More football philosophy to follow.