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September 07, 2017

Why Invest In Good Photography?

Earlier this month, Team L&P packed our bags and headed to Austin, TX for a photoshoot for Santa Rita Ranch. It was a jet packed day as we ran from house to house to show off the new model homes. We were eager to get the perfect picture and #HaveFunAlongTheWay!

We are a visual culture. Images tell a story allowing the audience to grasp the context of a message without even attempting to read the fine print.

Pictures are an essential piece to brand identity.  Stock photos can occasionally make do, but nothing pays off a brand’s identity more than a bespoke image.

Don’t forget simple details are a part of the storytelling too!

The beauty of photography in branding is that people connect graphic imagery. Pictures allow brands to speak through human experiences producing a story that resonates with consumers. Rather than explicitly telling the audience, pictures show what defines a brand in a much more powerful way.

September 06, 2017

Reunited After Hurricane Harvey

On Thursday, August 24 when Hurricane Harvey was just off the coast of Corpus Christi, we were all working away at our office on Post Oak Boulevard. None of us knew that we wouldn’t see each other for nearly two weeks! Some of us left Houston and hit the road, while the rest of us loaded up on the necessities and hunkered down at home. We figured that we would be back in the office the following week, but Harvey had his own plan for us and the rest of Houston.

Given our office’s close proximity to Buffalo Bayou, the basement area flooded and left us office-less! After a week of searching for temporary office space, Renee decided to flash back to L&P’s early days and have us work from her house. We brought our laptops over, lit some candles, and finally got our team back together. Here are a few photos of our makeshift office, where our creativity flows and we get to spend time with our mascot, Fufi Bear. (Our office has a no pet / no candle policy…)



We hope everyone else in Houston is safe now, and we are all doing our best to help those who lost everything in the flood. Stay strong, Houston!