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June 29, 2018

The Intern Diet: Fizzy Bubbles and Chocolate

When you walk into L&P, the first thing you’ll see is a smiling face. The wide range of personalities collide to make the office a fun yet focused environment you’ll quickly feel a part of. Every personality you need is right there.

You’ll never experience a mediocre job by L&P. They go above and beyond to find the most innovative and effective ways to drive sales and attract new audiences. They get the job done while also adding a personal touch to each project. That’s what makes their work so special.

The clients are the number one priority, and I’m not just saying that because I am an intern. I saw this first hand when I went to visit the Grove Store.  L&P organized a successful event that attracted many future home buyers. The office also went to visit all of our clients just to get everyone in the know about how they are doing. It wasn’t mandatory, they did it because they care.

Most of my days at L&P were spent writing blogs for TrueCore and Santa Rita Ranch for Anna, examining analytics reports from Carly, and perfecting small details like wrapping gift bags that make events hosted by L&P stand out. I learned the benefits of Hubspot, how digital print operates, and the creative process behind coming up with slogans and names. Yes, even including the names of six cows coming to Sandbrock Ranch.

Most importantly, I learned the real world can be fun. When you walk in the door of L&P, you can almost always hear laughter. The work environment is focused on building each other up and supporting each other in a creative and innovative way. Each person in the office brings a different skill or talent to the table and somehow, some way, they all fit together perfectly.

Whether it’s noon and you’ve already had four La Croix or it’s three and you’re snacking on peanut M&Ms, you’ll never feel out of place at L&P. It is a unique and wonderful group of women who are creative, outgoing and focused. Not once did I feel unwelcome. I am thankful for my experience because it gave me so many mentors to look up to in my career. It taught me to think more creatively, communicate more effectively, and laugh a little louder.

Trust me, you want to be their friend.

– Katharine